Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Old Tompkins Drum Surfaces on Internet (here)

Bill Reynolds kindly contributed the following pictures of the Tompkins drum in the collection of Campus Martius.

"The Campus Martius Museum highlights migration in Ohio's history. The museum is on the site of the fortification built by the Ohio Company of Associates, as their headquarters, in 1788 when they founded the first organized American settlement in the Northwest Territory. The restored Rufus Putnam house, part of the original fort, is now enclosed within a wing of the museum."

William G. Jewell was promoted from Musician to Principal Musician, Co. I, Jan 1, 1863; mustered out Nov 9, 1864 per the website of the 18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

See also "Tompkins 1860-1863 Masterpiece Drums -- Where Are They Now?"

In addition this drum is in the collection of the OHS:

Civil War era drum used by Henry Bayless during his service in the 74th OVVI. OHS Collections--H68924

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