Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Adairsville, Georgia Confederate Drum with Period Drumsticks, ca. 1860s

[This article copied from the article archive of the website of Historical Auctions without permission, pursuant to the fair use doctrine. No claim of original generation or added content is made. The material is exactly as it appears on that organization's website. It is reprinted here for the interesting and important facts stated.]

This is an extremely rare home-made drum with a pencil inscription identifying this drum to Adairsville GA. This drum is 100% original and 100% complete except for two of the leather tensioners which are missing the "ears".

The drum measures 15 ¼" in diameter and is 9 ¼" in height. The vellum heads are in near perfect condition as is the sinew snare, the cord and the leather "rabbit ears" tensioners. The wooden shell as well as the wooden hoops are fastened together with hand made lead rivets. The 2 maple drum sticks are original to the drum.

This drum was featured in Gary Hendershott's catalog #119. The accompanying write-up indicates this drum was bought from an Adairsville GA family by a Georgia collector. The family indicated it had belonged to an ancestor and had remained in the family since the Civil War.

The pencil inscription is visible but somewhat difficult to read, but translated as "I received this on January 1, 1863 at Adairsville Georgia". Currently in a private Tennessee Collection.

Condition: Fine-very fine.

Sold for: Not Sold
Ended: Nov 30, 2007
Lot: 72338 Auction: 674
Heritage Auction Galleries,


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