Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ludwig Rope Drum with Roller Clips and Round Stamped Badge

Photos of this Ludwig rope drum were provided by John (and Deb) Hamann. Re-roped, re-leathered, re-snared and with new heads by Cooperman. Note the Ludwig tag and roller type hooks. Overall dimensions 15" diameter x 14" height.

Let's see what we can determine by checking the stamped exterior label on the Hamann Ludwig drum, as well as by comparing some design features in that drum with similar/identical design features in drums with known dates of manufacture.

Compare the snare strainer in the Hamann Ludwig drum above with that of a known 1911 rope drum in the collection of Ellis Mirsky (manufacturer unknown -- no name stamped into metal fittings), restored (rope, leather, snares, skin heads) by Cooperman. The snare strainers are (or appear to be) identical (except that the Ludwig drum's strainer's fitting(s) at the shell is(are) stamped with the Ludwig name, whereas the 1911 drum's fittings are not stamped):

The round label on the Hamann Ludwig drum reads, "Ludwig & Ludwig" and "Chicago". "Ludwig & Ludwig's first drum shop was opened in 1909. History of the Ludwig Drum Company, Paul William Schmidt, p. 42. But the stamped oval badge on this drum is from the early 1920's (per Vintage Drum Guide, The History of Vintage Drums).

And compare the hooks on the Hamann Ludwig drum (below) with those on the hybrid (rope/rod) Ludwig drum determined to be ca. 1917 in the collection of the National Music Museum (below):

Clips on the hybrid Ludwig drum in the National Music Museum:

Conclusion: The Hamann Ludwig drum appears to be early 1920's based primarily on the stamped badge.

One last observation: One of the photos provided by John Hamann shows a clip that is somewhat different. Perhaps we can get to the bottom of that little mystery in the future.

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