Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grover Cleveland Campaign Drum

Grover Cleveland Campaign Drum
Painted with a large green star circled by thirty-three smaller stars and G. Cleveland

This large bass drum retains much of its original red paint on the body and black trim on the hoops. It is decorated with a large green star circled by thirty-three smaller stars, as well as three green bars one of which has "G CLEVELAND" (with the "N" reversed) in silver. The largest star centering the peephole is within a painted circle of white with the remaining stars framed by a painted circle of green. American flags bracket Cleveland. The drum appears to be all-original; no makers name is visible. Included is a pair of leather-tipped drumsticks.

Grover Cleveland (1837-1908) was the first Democrat elected President following the Civil War. He began his political career as the reform Mayor of Buffalo, NY and then became Governor. He ran for President against Republican James G. Blaine and won with the support of both Democrats and Republican dissenters known as "Mugwumps. Though Cleveland won the popular vote in 1888, his opponent Benjamin Harrison won the electoral vote and became 23rd President. Cleveland ran again in 1892 and became the first President to serve two non-consecutive terms. In the next election, the party deserted him for William Jennings Bryant. Cleveland retired to Princeton, New Jersey where he died in 1908. In fine condition measuring 24-inchs high by 25-inch across...ready to be fitted with glass top serving as a great table!

Price: $6,300

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