Tuesday, November 25, 2008

J. Ashton Eagle Drum

12MCW - CIVIL WAR HAND PAINTED EAGLE DRUM. The all time classic of Civil War collecting. An object which has transcended its basic use to become a symbol of the War, The Union, and an icon of patriotic Americana. Collectors of folk art are our most enthusiastic, affluent, and frequently successful competitors for this drum. Just seeing it evokes images across the spectrum of the people, symbols and events surrounding the War, and the times. 16 3/8" high, 16 1/2" in diameter. Shell appears to be oak, finished in light mahogany. Rims are red. One side of the shell has a 16" wide painted panel, its design familiar to all, and featuring a fierce spread eagle, shield and ribband with national motto "E Pluribus Unum". Paint is in wonderful shape and color is strong. About 90% original; a minor amount of paint flaked off in typical fashion leaving narrow horizontal bare spots. All of this has been professionally restored by the preeminent experts at Cooperman Drum & Fife Company in Connecticut. Over-painting was NOT employed. Next to the painted panel is an original 7" wide panel of brass tacks added in decorative fashion to enhance the vent area. Heads, ropes (to include the drag) and tugs are professionally restored. Condition of drum is beautiful. Rims have a wonderful old looking red, with overall light surface wear. A rim crack has period tin reinforcement. Judging from the clean shadow inside from where the label was, I believe the person who recently discovered the drum in an attic had no appreciation for the label's value, allowed it to fall out, and didn't pick it up. I consulted the drum restorer who identified the maker as J. ASHTON. Because of the scarcity and demand for these drums, we've not had one to offer for several years. Here's an opportunity which seldom occurs, to own a classic . $6,500

Anderson Militaria
P. O. Box 39063, Ninilchik, AK 99639

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