Tuesday, November 4, 2008

10-Point (vertical alignment) Star Inlay Drum Imported by Klemm (Philadelphia)

Offered recently by eBay seller equestriangent( 130) in an auction (eBay item no. 160294772930), which at $611.50 failed to break the reserve, is this drum. The seller has a "Buy It Now" price on eBay of $1,410.00 -- not unreasonable for the refurbished drum and sticks but high for the market, especially in view of the sudden drop in the DJIA and world economies. And high for what appears to be a cut-down drum (note the vent hole and inlay design are slight high of center (vertically)).

The seller wrote: Here we have a Circa era 1862 Civil War Drum and sticks. It is in superb condition, showing beautiful age. It is not damaged in anyway! This skin is solid on both sides and show avearge use. The orange colored bands show some minute aging and use also, but is not detracting from this piece. All the above is expected with such an item! Ropes are solid and tight, and are all original. Sticks are also in beautiful condition as show in the pictures. Sides of the drum are preserved wonderfully and looking at the star it has a whole in the center. Taking a peak through, one will discover the original makers tag inside the drum still attached! It reads as follows: FROM KLEMM & BROTHER Importer, Manufacturers, & Wholesale Dealers in Musical Instruments, Strings &C. NO. 705 Market Street Philadelphia. The tag (no photo available yet) is intact, and many of these drums are not lucky to still have such a maker mark still with it besides one that is clear as day!

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  1. This drum resurfaced on eBay as item no. 160347853847 posted by equestriangent ( 130), the same person as did so last year. And evidently no eBay transactions since then either (same 130 as before). Let's see whether (s)he gets any takers for the new, reduced Buy-it-now price of 1,100.


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