Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Civil War Snare Drum with Great Patriotic Design

Heritage Auction Galleries' 2009 June Signature Civil War Auction - Dallas, TX. Auction #6024, item 57218, catalog at p. 156:

This original, uncut snare drum is distinguished by an attractive gold and red patriotic stenciled design set against a black painted shell. The design measures a full 16” long and fills the 13” between each drum head.

It consists of an arch of thirty-four gold stars beneath which is a spread winged eagle motif, with red highlights added to the top of the eagle’s head and wings. The eagle is holding a gold banner that reads “North America” beneath which, in one inch high letters, is “UNION/ AND/ LIBERTY” flanked by two gold sunbursts. Both battens are original with only one small tear. The hoops retain much of their original red paint and the drum measures 17” from top hoop to bottom hoop. The rope and leather braces are replacements and the maker is unknown. A nice, solid example of an early Civil War era drum with remarkable patriotic content.
Est.: $2,500-$3,500 Start Bid: $2,000.


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