Friday, December 4, 2009

Ludwig Military Parade Field Rope Drum

eBayer jimny95 ( 43) offers eBay item no. 120499832198 described as follows:

Beautiful Ludwig Military, Parade, Field, Rope Drum, WWI Civil War?; Features an Eagle with American flag on drum shell, original cloth strap with hand printed name on it, leather fobs w/stars & stripes, rope tension, cloth wraped metal snares, Ludwid and Ludwig Chicago brass badge, metal plate on top rim with engraved initials A.G., and a hand written note on top head that reads: "8 beat taps 2 times, Legion Beat, 8B 2-4, 8B 6-8, 8B, Chop Sticks". The drum measures 16 5/8" OD x 14 1/4" height. This size appears to be an unusual size, as it doesn't appear in any of the early Ludwig catalogs (see attached catalog pages from 1918, 1919, 1924). There are 2 missing leather fobs and one different fob, all the rest have engraved star an stripes on them. There is a small gouge in the shell see photo. I purchased this drum at an estate auction 15 years ago. The drum has not been cleaned or dismantled in any way, since I've owned it. (I don't know if there are any labels or additional information on the inside of the drum). From all apperances and from early catalog pictures, the drum appears to be all original.


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