Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rudimental Drumming Audio Clips from Rudimental Drumming Website

1. 1958 Air Force Quartet that Introduced Backsticking
Note: Some might say "re-introduced" backsticking -- see "Was Carrington Backsticking in 1870? Yes!"

2. The Long Roll and "Stamina" Mitch Markovich 1961

3. The Long Roll performed by Alfons Grieder

4. The Flam performed by Alfons Grieder

5. The Radac Reveille performed by Alfons Grieder

6. The Railway performed by Alfons Grieder

7. 1965 Emerald Cadets Field Solo

8. 1966 Albion Grenadiers Quartet written by Doug Kleinhans

9. 1973 Kingsmen

10. "Finis" by Don Worth

11. The Long Roll performed by Don Worth

12. Flam Paradiddle performed by Don Worth

13. "Wildfire" Ken Mazur 1975

14. Steve Chorazy 1975

15. "Lazer Beam" Ken Mazur 1976

16. Pete Castellano - 1984 DCI Winning Solo

17. "Striving For Perfection" by Max Klots


And, listen to the fifes, drums and bugles of the United States Marine Corps (ca. 1904) playing "The Girl I Left Behind Me".


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