Monday, May 24, 2010

African American Civil War Drummer Boy in Watercolor

Appearing in Cowan's auction "2010, American History, Including the Civil War, June 11":

Folk art watercolor and graphite on board, 15.75 x 19.5 in. Artist Frederick Rolty in lower right. Above the right shoulder Negro Drummer Boy Willie Simpson and above left, 1863 Morristown N.J.V. Co. 42. We have been unable to locate this individual, apparently since he served New Jersey rather than the USCT. Musician records do not seem to have been as carefully kept as soldiers' records in any state, and as an African American, the record just may not exist. There was a 42nd USCT, but they were not organized until April 1864.

Condition: Indentations around edges and some paint missing at top where the painting was apparently matted or framed. Board is thin and has bowed slightly.

(EST $500-$700)


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