Tuesday, August 24, 2010

USMA Hellcats Drummers play "Shades of Grey"

Shades of Grey

The USMA Hellcat drummers play "Shades of Grey" by G. Cuccia (performed in Fall 2008).

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

USMA Hellcats Drumline Has a Website


The rudimental drummers from The Hellcats recently created an educational resource:  “DrumCats.” The site enables users to download sheet music while watching the DrumCats perform specific rudimental classics. In addition, the resource will eventually include a number of rudiments, exercises, and solos! Watch the DrumCats.

And it will be packed with great stuff:

Rudimental Exercises

Rudimental Classics with downloadable sheet music and streaming video performances:
- Crazy Army
- Three Camps
(more to come)



New Old Stock, In the Box, ca. 1998 or later McDonagh 10-hole Regimental Model Fife with Fingering Chart

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