Monday, May 12, 2014

Great American Eagle Decorated Snare Drum, Circa 1810-1830

Great American Eagle Decorated Snare Drum, Circa 1810-1830. Very large, commensurate with its early date of manufacture, 17 1/2" diameter and 19 3/4" high. Retains the original ink script paper label inside, across from the air hole, "M. A. BAKER / No. 10". Exceptionally fine condition, retaining 95% of the original paint, which is all sound but exhibits some crazing. There are just a few small abrasions on the eagle panel. The heads and ropes are excellent with the top head showing obvious age and some staining, else perfect. The bottom head retains the original snares and is separated and dried out along one edge, also showing considerable honest age. The ropes are correct, showing obvious age, and the drum retains six of the original seven rawhide sewn leather tighteners. Although these parts appear to be original and are commensurate with the condition of the rest of the drum, there is certainly the possibility they were part of an old restoration, although there is nothing that would necessarily indicate that to be the case. The drum exhibits a high seam with seven brass tacks, also commensurate with its early date of production. The body of the drum is maple, and the back side, opposite the eagle, exhibits what appears to be a bullet hole. Whatever struck the drum created an approximately 5/8" hole, with some additional splintering and two line cracks but the area remains very sound. A great American drum, and the earliest eagle decorated / likely regular U.S. Army, drum we've ever handled.

Heritage Auctions.


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