Thursday, February 12, 2015

Busiel's Brass Drum

From a reader of our blog:

Hi thanks so much!  I will give you the shortest version I can to tell the story of this drum.  I bought it at an estate auction about a week ago and it came with no information and the three old sticks as shown.  From the estate of Mr Dennison.  As I also purchased a huge box lot if books there I happened upon a request of military documents for one Albert L. Busiel.  Apparently a relative.  I ripped this into tiny pieces and threw the paper away.  Upon inspecting the drum I found a peep hole and shined my light in it.  To my surprise under the drum skin was written: 

George W Busiel
East Andover NH
May 29th 1879

I quickly recalled the Busiel name, got the papers glued back together and researched Albert L. Busiel.  It's a sad story and I'll let the pics I send tell it.  I'm wondering if he is holding the drum I have, left to his brother or if the drum is altogether different.

Drum details: approximately 12 inches high by 16 inches across.  Looks to be a brass body.  Skins are slightly warped.  No holes.  Eagle says Maker on the left and Boston on the right of his feet.  Drumsticks came with it.  One is stamped HDS.

I know the New Hampshire Militia was activated for the Spanish War in 1879 so it's possible George was the drummer for that time.  I guess the date of the drum will tell all.  Thank you so much I hope you enjoy the history.  

Sincerely-Patrick Marks
(Pics to follow)


On Feb 12, 2015, at 7:59 AM, Ellis Mirsky <> wrote:
Absolutely.  Please send as much info as you can.  The more photos the better.  Details of hardware and and inscriptions, writings, interior labels would be helpful.
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Ellis R. Mirsky

On Feb 11, 2015, at 11:08 PM, Patrick Marks <> wrote:
Hi there.  If I sent you some pictures of my drum could you help me identify the maker?  Thanks in advance for your consideration.  I looked thru all your drum pictures but couldn't find a match.


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