Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Snare Science -- A Major Contribution to Rudimental Drumming

A bloging engineer going by the name flamdraggrid has created a wonderful website to which you are referred. The site has tons of information on rudimental drumming as well as a good many charts. flamdraggrid admits to having played with Minnesota Brass and Madison Scouts, as well as the University of Minnesota drumline.

Snarescience.com helps the drumming community directly by providing free exercises with thorough explanations, articles about drumming, and research into the latest literature and technology that can be used to enhance one's drumming ability.

Snare Science presented "Grid University", an online educational series in Summer 2010, hosted by snare drummer Kevin Troyanos.

Grid University is intended to be a bi-weekly educational series designed to help expand the rhythmic vocabulary of all drummers, from beginners to advanced, rudimental to drum set.

The "Grid" is an exercise model used by drummers to quickly and efficiently learn and practice various rhythms in different contexts. They are designed to exploit mathematical permutations to efficiently learn all possible ways a rhythm can be played. This series will explore various grid patterns, and build from the very simple to the extremely advanced.


Kevin Troyanos

Kevin began his marching career with the White Plains High School marching band from White Plains, New York. Receiving the John Philip Sousa Award upon graduation, he joined up with the Rutgers University Drumline marching both in the snare line as well as the quad line. Kevin is a current member of the 6-time DCA Champion Bushwackers Drum and Bugle Corps, having marched in the "All Star" snare line of 2008, and then again in 2009 as section leader of the Quad Line. Kevin's teaching experience includes the Percussion Caption Head position with the well respected NJ State Champion Edison High School Marching Band and Indoor Program. He also specializes in private instruction, both online and off. Known for his mathematical and analytical background, Kevin strives to bring the scientific method as well as cutting-edge educational methods through the use of technology to the forefront of Marching Percussion. He is currently studying Mathematics at the University at Buffalo. Visit Kevin's Youtube page at: http://www.youtube.com/optsyn

Grid U - An American Rudimental Legacy: The West Point Hellcats

Grid University is proud to present the original documentary:

An American Rudimental Legacy: The West Point Hellcats

Produced by Kevin Troyanos

The Hellcats:

The DrumCats are comprised of rudimental drummers from the West Point Band's "The Hellcats." Equipped with instruments designed and hand-made specifically for them, the DrumCats enable the West Point Band to maintain faithful renditions of traditional American military music while providing the Corps of Cadets with a piece of living history.

SGM Eric Sheffler
SSG William Calohan
SSG William Cuthbert
SSG Andrew Porter
SSG Jeff Prosperie

P.R. Winn, Drummaker

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