Friday, April 30, 2010

B.E. & M. Brown Bass Drum -- Early 19th Century

eBay seller nimrod98 ( 653)describes item no. 220593839323 as:

Here is a really rare and original bass? drum, made by the Brown family of drum makers of Windsor, Ct. Most of these men served in the American Revolution, and this drum was made sometime after that. The original label is on chain laid paper, which would make it earlier than later. I have read that they numbered their drums later on, and this one seems to be unnumbered. I assume this one is fairly early on in production and probably before the War of 1812. It measures approximately 24" in diameter, and 21" tall. There are remnants of the heads on the drum, and it still has it's old rope and leather tensioners. It has it's original tack decoration, and also is painted on the front with gold stars. With new heads I'm sure it would still play well again.

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