Thursday, April 15, 2010

CW(?) Brass Drumstick Holder and Capped Sticks

Forget about bidding for this one because the giant CW item vacuum cleaner, j***0( 1127), has his/her wallet out and is dishing dollars galore to land this baby. Looking like it came out of the leather crafter's shop a few weeks ago, and freshly polished (and looking almost too good to be true), is this beautiful set of what appear to be brass capped drum sticks tucked into a (possibly field repaired) brass carrier mounted on a leather drum sling.

My suspicions are raised by the nearly new appearance -- like I said, almost too good to be true. And at least one reader (see comment below) agrees.

Nevertheless, at this writing, with 8 days left to go, the bid price is $1,099.00. That's really high, but possibly the right price. Let's see if there's anyone willing to challenge j***0( 1127) over the next week or so by upping the ante.

It is eBay item no. 350340614331 offered for sale by wwolst12 ( 23069), and described as "Antique Civil War *Rosewood Drumsticks* Leather Holder !RARE! All Original & Perfect Untouched Condition":

If you are a collector of 19th Century Drums, especially from the Civil War Period, then this auction is for you. Made from solid Rosewood, these 16 3/8” long Drumsticks have a 2 5/8” long by 7/8” diameter brass cap at the ends. These drumsticks fit in their original brass buckle which is attached to the original leather sling. The leather is also in perfect condition with a wonderful untouched surface. This sling measures 4 ½” at its widest point by 23” long to the solid brass ring at the bottom. There is only one problem with these very rare, Civil War Period Drumsticks, if you look closely at the drumstick holder on the right side of the buckle, you will see two very old pieces of wire which are holding it to the buckle. That’s it! There are no other problems or repairs and I guarantee 100%, plus shipping, that the high bidder will be totally satisfied with the Quality, Age & Condition of these mid-19th Century Rosewood Drumsticks, or I will return all of their money. … I am always interested in information that eBayers may want to volunteer. …



Courtesy of: Drum and Fife who left the comment below.

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  1. It looks like a French-made set of sticks and sling to me-- maybe 19th century, probably 20th century, but most definitely French.

    Here are 6 similar slings for sale:


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