Friday, April 17, 2015

Is This a Confederate Civil War Drum?

Is This a Confederate Civil War Drum?

A writer asks:

Please take a look at the attached photo. It is a display piece including the drum (marked DEO VINDICE[*] and C S A in a circular "logo" on the side. Has leather "tighteners". There are faint pencil inscriptions on the drum head, hard to make out. A name and unit perhaps. It looks old and someone put this display together as a commemorative but hard to date it. There is what appears to be a British pre-war sword, drumsticks, and old fife, etc. I am most interested in the drum. This is at a local auction house and the consignor does have some very old items (i.e. 1880's sewing machine, musical instruments). 

I am wondering how likely it is that a genuine confederate drum is "laying around" in this display piece. Any insight is welcome. Thanks.

Your comments are welcome.

*  Deo Vindice (English: Under God, our Vindicator), was the motto of the Confederate States of America (CSA), and was engraved on its official seal.

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