Monday, February 18, 2008

Old Drum Sold for $511 on eBay -- What Were They Thinking?

Described in eBay (#160207957265) as follows:

Although I'm unsure of the age or origin of this drum, one person I showed it to suggested it was 150 years old or civil war era. The fantastic drum measures about 12 1/2" tall and 18 1/2" across. The drum is in as found condition, salvaged from an old barn with many other old things. Obviously, it needs a professional cleaning, as I have not attempted to clean it in any way for concern of damaging the drum further. It still has bird droppings on it. I'll leave the cleaning to the next owner. The drum shows its age, being in fair/average condition. The cat-gut sinew ?? covering is busted on both sides but it still can create a sound. The drum shows some small cracks, nicks, and general light damage. The drum features a stunning bird'seye maple veneer, old red paint, metal clips, a brass ??, and interesting rope/twine. It still has vestiges of leather something on the rope. Overall, a neat piece of Americana.

This puppy drew a bit of a crowd: 19 bids from 11 different bidders, including 3 smipers, one of whom won the auction at $511.00.

What were they thinking? This drum is in truly ratty condition. Only a remnant of the snare mechanism remains (a base screwed into the bottom counterhoop), no snares, no snare twist screw, broken heads, rusted hooks, clothes line rope.

Redeeming features are limited: possibly bird's eye maple exterior vineer, red painted lapped counter hoops, and large size -- 18-1/2 inches in diameter (very nice) and 12-1/2 inches tall, 15 hooks on each counterhoop. And, sure, highly likely a Civil War era (or earlier) drum.

But still, $511? I don't get it. If you do, or better yet, if you are one of the bidders, please comment and let us know what made that drum so valuable?

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  1. Ellis-Thanks for creating this site. It will help all of understand our musical history and drum lust!
    Gary Rockwell


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