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Inlaid Counterhoop JHB Drum Surfaces

Previously we published a story about the JHB brand of snare drums, "Known for Banjos, J.H. Buckbee Made Drums Too" this blog, Apr. 13, 2008. We've seen very few of these drums, perhaps 3 or 4 to date.

Blog reader, drummer and drum maker/restorer George Kubicek wrote to bring this drum to our attention. eBayer linm47 ( 322) has posted eBay item no. 160396272685, described as follows:


Up for bid is a John Henry Buckbee Snare Drum, dated 1899. The original owner's name, Spittler, and the initials CMA (Cheshire Military Academy) are written on the left and right of the drum adjuster. The adjuster key bears the initials JHB. The drum has been marked, in pen most likely by Spittler, with several logos, as well as the verbiage Corporal, Drummer, Cheshire Military Academy, 1899. All the parts pictured are original though there are some missing pieces such as the leather pulls. The drumsticks are included. Please note, one of the sticks has some wood loss (see photo).

J.H. Buckbee of New York started out as a banjo manufacturer but eventually made drums as well. The Cheshire Military Academy is still standing though it is no longer a military academy but rather a private school (The Cheshire Academy in Cheshire, Connecticut).

The sticks measure 16-3/4" long and have an 11/16" diameter. The drum is 16-1/4" in diameter and stands 8" tall. There is no significant damage nor have any repairs been found. Overall, this drum is in very good-to-excellent condition. A fantastic addition to any Antique Instrument or Military Memorabilia collection.

An article in this blog, "Marquetry in Drums of the Past (Redux)" July 8, 2008, addresses the art of inlay and, specifically, how the counterhoop inlay would have been made.

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