Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eagle Drum (non-contract design)

eBay seller guth55 ( 206) describes item no. 160420898256 as follows:

CIVIL WAR ERA SNARE DRUM. A very nice 19th Century Drum. Bands are painted with black foliate decoration, body has decoration of eagle on patriotic shield. The top skin is in good condition and has an imprint that reads, "Joseph B. Rogers, Jr." . The bottom skin appears older and has two small tears along the border. The snare is intact. On the bottom skin, there is a manufacturers name that is very difficult to make out. The name appears to be perhaps "Rooth's", then below what looks like, "Greenville Press", then below that, "New York". The drum is in very good condition for it's age. Skins are tight. Body of the drum could used to be cleaned, but otherwise in good condition. The Eagle holding an American Flag is very nice. The hardware and tightener appear to be original. The neck strap is frayed but intact as are the ropes. The drum measures 16 inches across the top and 12 inches from top to bottom. All in all, a very nice drum.

Ed. Note: This item sold 4/12/10 for $960.00 to c***l( 1471) in an eBay auction involving 3 bidders and 3 bids over 7 days. Not an active auction for a hand-painted eagle drum in good condition.

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