Friday, January 6, 2012

1810 Abner Stevens Drum

John O'Neill, a regular on this website, wrote:

Please see attached photographs of an Abner Steven's 1810 field drum and drum sticks.

Drum heads measure approximately 15 ¾; in diameter by 15" tall with paper label affixed reading;

Abner Stevens,
has for sale
made in the best manner,
At his Factory in the centre of the town of

I don't know of another Stevens drum that is older. The overall condition of the drum is amazing for the age. I am not certain that the counter hoops are original, but they fit the drum perfectly. The bottom slunk head has a "Leedy" stamp and the rope looks to be hemp rope used by American drum makers in the 1930-40's.

Drumsticks measure approximately 17" long, dark stained wood , long taper. The drumsticks are very old and appear to match the age of the drum.

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