Monday, August 13, 2012

Early Lyon & Healy Snare Drum

This from one of our readers, Ron E. Skoog of Phoenix, AZ.


I'm a life-long percussionist and recently received this L&H snare drum that was my great uncle's.  I'm interested in learning more about L&H and this drum in particular... wood species, etc.  I'm also considering whether to restore it for beauty sake or just leaving it purely original albeit quite used/abused.

I've researched enough to know that different L&H badges show different addresses as well as logos.  This badge on the inside looks like the badge from the field drum given to MIM with the script logo and blackened scrollwork.  

Lyon and Healy 
Factories, Union Park
Warerooms, Wabash Ave. and Adams St.

There is no badge on the outside of the shell.  

If either of you would have the time to share your knowledge with me I'd appreciate .  Referrals are great as well.

Thank you for your time.

Ron E Skoog











In response, we wrote:

Google "Lyon Healy field drums".

See in particular:

Lee's Drums

Examples from the drum collection of W. Lee Vinson. ... George B. Stone Single Tension Field Drum .... Many similar drums surface bearing a makers label from the Lyon & Healy ...

Mar 24, 2005 – Q: I have a very old drum that was made by Lyon & Healy Co. The factory was on ...

and George Kubicek wrote:

Nice looking drum- from pictures only needs heads 

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