Monday, December 30, 2013

Henry B. Savage & Sons Drum

Blond field snare drum measuring 14-3/4 in. (diam.) by 12 in. (height) made by/for Henry B. Savage & Sons, Musical Instruments, 166 Hanover Street, Boston, Mass.  Both heads are intact.  Consumables (leathers, snares, ropes, etc. and possibly the head), would need to be replaced to make it a player but it's a looker right now.

Drum sling (leather needs repair) looks very much like the around-the-neck style of the Civil War.  Rope is definitely not original.  Hooks are unique.  Snare strainer appears to be original.  Whoever re-roped this drum last placed the leathers (ears, tugs) upside down.

Snares are red linen wire-wound, not gut, believed to be ca. 1920 (see

From the collection of Ellis R. Mirsky.

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