Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Mother And The Three Camps - An Analysis by Fred N. Johnson

Fred N. Johnson recently updated his continuing analysis of The Camp Duty.  His analysis, titled "The Mother And The Three Camps", can be downloaded in PDF.

Fred's manuscript, "The Mother And The Three Camps", can be downloaded in PDF.  Here's the introduction:

"The Mother and The Three Camps\2\ is one of the oldest military drum beatings. It is still played today by drummers worldwide. “Mother” refers to “The Mother Roll”, which is the 5 stroke roll. British troops called this drum beating “Run, boys, run”.\3\
The objectives of this piece of writing are to:
  1. Provide a brief history of The Three Camps.
  2. Clarify historical, contemporary and modern notation to help some drummers better understand and enjoy playing this historical beating.
  3. Clarify performance characteristics that have been altered or misunderstood over time.
  4. Provide an instructional document by way of examples and explanations of roll notation and varying roll velocities transcribed into modern notation.
  5. Invite input to further enhance this piece for continued publication on the Canadian Associates Drumming Rudimental Excellence (CADRE) website.\4\"


    2 Referred to throughout this paper as “The Three Camps”.
    3 Songs & Music of the Redcoats 1642–1902, by Lewis Winstock.

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  1. Thank you for posting this it was nice to watch the videos.


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