Friday, November 14, 2014

19th Century Sheet Brass Eagle Stencil

Reader Bruce Jarvis wrote to us:

Several years ago, I acquired a 19th century sheet brass stencil of a fairly detailed eagle that I suspect may have been used as a template for military drums.  The eagle measures approximately 13" H x 17" W.  The eagle has outstretched wings between which is a three band arch of 22 stars.  Unlike every drum eagle photo I could find, this one clutches the ribbon in its talons rather than its beak but the ribbon is wide and clearly designed to take added lettering.  I was wondering if you wouldn't mind looking at a photo of it to give me your sense of what it is.

Thanks for your time and help,

Bruce Jarvis

Ed. Note: I could not find anything with a quick Google search.  Readers with information to share are asked to do so by email to

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