Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Civil War Brass Snare Drum

eBay seller johndavidoneill has posted this beauty on eBay with a BIN price under $500 and a photo showing brass drums in use during the Civil War.  Nice find John.

Described as:
  • Ancient - Civil War Rope Tension Drum !!!!
  • American marching Field Drum; drum is in original playing condition. 
  • Drum Shell measures 16" Dia. x 12 " Deep, - Drum's Overall height approximately measures 14 ".
  • Brass Drum Shell has a beautiful patina-ed  aged finish.
  • 16" Diameter Calfskin Drum-Heads and Gut Snares.
  • Maple Hoops with Ten (10) Leather Ears, Twenty (20) rope-hooks - hemp rope.
  • Period correct: Civil War Hinged Snare Strainer.
  • Drum produces a Very Loud, Crisps, Deep, Old -School Low-Toned Rattle.

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