Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Chicks with Sticks" - Mission Impossible Warmup

Mission Impossible warmup with variations
"Chicks with Sticks" warmup

Shown in the video L-R are: Gisèle ("Gis Montreal") Cadieux - '82 Crossmen; Mary Gromko Murray - '78, '79, '80 27th Lancers, '81, '82 Freelancers; Peggy Sue Snyder Casey - '81, '82 Phantom Regiment; and Kelley Marie Kubitz - '81, '82 Blue Devils.

Posted to Facebook by Scott Kubitz on Monday, October 12, 2015

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Here are some veteran drum corps women, known as "Chicks with Sticks" gathered for a rehearsal that lead to a reunion performance.

The video was taken while the ladies were getting ready to compete at the 2011 DCA Individuals & Ensembles competition in Rochester, NY.  These four pioneers were among the first women to march snare in a top 12 DCI corps.

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 — with Chicks with Sticks.

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