Thursday, September 25, 2008

Emmett, Drummer, Wrote "Dixie" and Seminal Drummer's Manual, "Bruce & Emmett's Drummers and Fifers Guide" (1862)

EMMETT, DANIEL DECATUR (1815-1904). Am. composer. Wrote "Dixie" and other popular songs. Born in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. He began his career as a drummer in military bands then joined the Virginia Minstrels, singing and playing the banjo. Later, he was a member of Bryant's Minstrels. He wrote the music and words to "Dixie" in 1859 and it was performed for the first time in N.Y. on April 4, 1859. The song was an immediate hit and it was adopted as a Southern fighting song during the Civil War (even though Emmett was a Northerner). His other songs, Old Dan Tucker, The Road to Richmond, and others enjoyed great favor for many years, but were all ultimately eclipsed by "Dixie". The word "Dixie" is a nostalgically regarded Am. paradise in the South. The origin of the word Dixie is obscure. ALS, 4.75" x 6.5", Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Oct. 3rd, 1898. Boldly penned, 1 full page, to "My Dear Mary," in full: "I enclose you $2.00, and that is all I can spare you today, as I got no money from New York today.* I hope everything is all right. I cannot think of anything more to say at this time. My love to you all, from your affectionate husband, Daniel D. Emmett." Pristine. Daniel Decatur Emmett material is among the scarcest of all Americana autographs. This is the first and only such piece we have personally seen on the market the past forty years. "Dixie", the immortal Civil War song, has come to mean a vanished society and way of life in the Old South, which is gone forever." A museum quality autograph. Handsomely framed with sheet music for "Dixie", and a 4x6 confederate flag. Framed in heavy gold leaf frame with brass plaque engraved "Daniel Decatur Emmett, author of Dixie, (1815-1904)". Overall size approx. 28" x 18". A striking display piece. *New York is where all his songs, including Dixie, were published and from whence he received royalties. (Illustrated below) Net to all....[10393].......+.....$2995.00


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