Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bird's Eye Maple Drum with Stenciled Eagle and Banner

Sold to (or should I say "stolen by"?) cw61848( 22) on eBay (item no. 250275931643) for $127.53 is this lovely bird's eye maple drum which I am guessing is from the early 20th century.

The snare mechanism, the snares which appear to be cloth and original, and the leather snare butt plate point to that time period. And the striped counterhoops looks like someting that would have post-dated the stenciled counterhoops seen on drums of the late 19th century.

As always, if you have better information or a different opinion, we would be pleased to have it and to publish it.

The eBay seller (josefjay( 71)) described it as follows:
Here is an old rope drum with no label. The drum measures 16" round and 13' tall. There is an eagle (painted or a decal - I'm not sure) displayed on one side. The wood appears to be birdseye maple and looks to be in good condition. I think it will probably clean up nicely. The skins are very dirty and the bottom skin has two small tears. It has braided snares, and I'm not sure what material they are made of. The ropes are also dirty, as are the leather tighteners. The leather is pretty dry. The metal parts are dull but there is no rust. I know absolutely nothing about rope drums, and do not know the age of this drum, so please look at the pictures carefully and bid accordingly.

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