Sunday, May 11, 2008

Horncollector Has Some Drums to Sell

Imagine my surprise to see some familiar (drum) faces resurface on eBay after having been recently sold to Horncollector.

The three drums currently back on the market are:

1. "CAW" (stenciled) Heavily Tacked Drum eBay item no. 270235708752 (asking $995; sold 3/16/08 for $860 as eBay item no. 300206047745) was the subject of an article in this blog titled, "The Real Deal Heavily Tacked Drum on eBay Auction":

2. 1850 Porter Blanchard Drum (eBay item no. 270235707641 (asking $1,200 OBO; sold 3/16/08 for $786 as eBay item no. 220210748329) was mentioned in an article in this blog titled, "1841 Porter Blanchard Snare Drum on eBay is Talking, But What is it Saying?":

3. Meacham-type Drum eBay item no. 270235705900 (asking $995; sold 4/2/08 for $860 as eBay item no. 230235239271) was the subject of an article in this blog titled, "Horncollector Snipes Again -- Takes J.& H. Meacham "Type" Drum in Heavily Contested eBay Auction":
So, if you missed your chance the last time these beauties made their appearance on eBay, they're back with reasonable Buy It Now prices. We're not sure whether Horncollector has second thoughts about stretching beyond horns into the drum market. Perhaps he'll write us and let us know his plans. Meanwhile, he unloading these treasures and, for my part, they are very collectible.

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