Monday, May 12, 2008

William Henry Harrison: 1840 Dated Political Parade Drum

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A Very Rare 1840-Dated Political Parade Drum. These brightly painted drums, often with an American eagle device, are well-known from regular and irregular military units of the mid-19th-century. However, a political drum like this is unusual, indeed. On the side is a hand-painted folk art depiction of an eagle with patriotic shield on chest and clutching arrows. There is also some very typical brass tacking as additional decoration. Both drumheads are original, and one retains the vestiges of painted political slogans, worn off by long use. Still visible is "Tippecanoe" in large block letters, curved around the top edge, and "AD 1840" below. A few traces of other lettering are unfortunately indecipherable, but there is enough here to attribute this drum to the 1840 campaign without question. The wood drum itself is in exceptional condition, with bright color and minimum wear on the painted area, and all the brass tacks original and in place. The very survival of the original hide drumheads, even though worn from use, is rarely seen on drums of this era. Only the ropes and their leather fittings, again usually gone or damaged beyond salvation, are modern replacements. Diameter: 19.5", height: 23". A very special early political display item.

Sold for: $2,270.50 (includes BP) Bid Source: Live: Phone
Ended: Nov 12, 2007
Lot: 25265 Auction: 672
Heritage Auction Galleries,

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