Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sempf & Ottes Drum (NYC)

A tidy package here with the drum going along with a nice pair of metal capped old drumsticks.

Birdseye maple snare drum measuring 11 1/2" in height and 14 3/4" in diameter. Body presents handpainted shield and trophy motif with paint decorated rims. Interior of body presents "Sempf & Ottes, 209/211 Grand St., New York" makers label. Top drumskin head exhibits small tear. Sold with 14" pair of nickel capped drumsticks.

eBay seller alderferauction( 2438)* let this one (eBay no. 350093721437) go at $850.00 to a "LiveAuctionFloorBidder" who edged out a respectable $750.00 eBay bid from n***r( 78) placed 8 days in advance of the live auction.

OPINION: And that's the problem with the eBay-live auction mix: eBayers don't stand a chance in a mixed eBay-live auction. The reason: The live auctions use eBayers to make a floor or a starting point for their live auctions and then continue the auction on from there.

(Sure, often eBayers can participate by phone or Internet but eBayers generally don't have that luxury. eBayers use eBay because of its convenience -- make a bid, and leave it alone, like a silent auction. But when mixed with a live auction, eBayers are put to a substantial disadvantage -- they remain "silent" but compete with "vocal" live bidders. There's really no competition.)

We eBayers are suckers if we think for a moment that we are going to snag a prize at live auction against a live bidder. It's just not going to happen. So, my advice is don't do it. Don't let the auction houses use eBayers as shills to pump up prices (and commissions) on live auctions.

Auctioneers should be required to pick a mode. Live auctioneers should be required by eBay to make a choice: either go with the eBay market, which is broad, essentially fair and accessible to millions, or hold a live auction. But don't abuse eBayers by dangling product just out of reach and then using their bids as a floor from which to start the real auction live.

To combine the two modes of auction only hurts eBayers who have little chance of actually winning such an auction against a live bidder, whether from the floor, telephone or Internet.

And that's my opinion!

*Alderfer Auction Company
501 Fairgrounds Road
Hatfield, PA United States 19440

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