Sunday, December 20, 2009

Civil War Drum in Harrisburg Museum

The information in this post was taken from a post titled, "Using Art to teach about the Civil War pt. 1," in a blog titled "Teaching the Civil War with Technology" whose blogmaster visited the [Pennsylvania] state museum [in Harrisburg where he viewed] paintings *** by Peter Rothermel. The largest, ... "The Battle of Gettysburg" is 16-3/4 feet high and 32 feet long. It's HUGE!. According to a sign near the painting it was unveiled on December 20, 1870 and it depicts the event popularly known as Pickett's Charge. There are numerous historical figures located within the painting such as Union General G. Gordon Meade.

Here are some photos ... of the painting and display at the ... museum.

The previous three photos show the drum that served as a model for the one focused on in the painting, a photograph of Rothermel and invitations to the unveiling of the painting.

Note the drum in the bottom center of this picture. It is the same as the one in the display case.

This is the sign leading into the exhibit.


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