Thursday, December 31, 2009

US Civil War Era Union Army Military Combat Drum M2-6

Blog reader and drum maker ANONYMOUS wrote to tell us that he is now the proud owner of this drum and to provide us with this close-up of the printed label inside the drum dated May 14, 1862.

eBay seller desertfoxcrushers ( 771) is offering item no. 330390635216 described as follows:

US Civil War Era Union Army Military Combat Drum. The dimensions are 16 3/4" in diameter by 14" tall. The maker that can be read thru the weep hole reads "Robert W. Warren". There is a small hand written label below that we cannot read. The heads show use and wear. The top one reads in hand written ink "RWW Geneva". The drum has the standard brass tacks in place. It is properly wrapped with the rope and leather tensioners. The wood is very fine. Overall low excellent condition.

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