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Images in the Military and Historical Image Bank

The Military & Historical Artifact Archive
The Military & Historical Artifact Archive consists of over 8000 fresh stock photographs of rare original military and historical artifacts from the 1500-1945 periods with emphasis on the wars and history of the United States. We have also have items related to world history in general and many unique, never before published and unobtainable anywhere else. New items are added on a daily basis from major private and public collections. If there is something you need that is not on this site, please ask, and we will try to find it for you!

For an additional modest fee we can also provide expert short captions with interesting historical detail for many items. We also offer personal expert historical consultation and advice regarding your needs. We are happy to help you select the images most appropriate to your project. We also do historical consulting work for films (credits include the Oscar nominated feature film "Cold Mountain" A&E and History Channel projects). All of the images you are viewing on this site are very low resolution (72dpi) and do not reflect the clarity of the actual images. We have digital files (at most any resolution you require) which can be sent electronically or on a CD. We also have high quality 35 mm (or larger) color transparencies of many images.

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CWd1ds- Brass presentation drum given to a soldier of the 127th New York Volunteers by his comrades.

CWd2ds- Drum with painted eagle and turreted castle design which belonged to the 1st New York Engineers.

CWd3 - Two different types of drummers neck slings.

CWd4ds-Silver presentation bugle given to a soldier of the 21st Illinois Volunteers.One of the presenters was later killed at the Battle of Chickamauga 1863.

CWd5ds- Regulation style eagle drum with inscription to the 69th New York Regiment of the Irish Brigade.

CWd6 - Assorted Union drums&horns.

CWd7ds-Regulation US Cavalry bugle of copper with brass trim and yellow cords. Engraved to Company B of the 1st Massachusetts Cavalry 1861

CWd8-Union base drum & beaters.

CWd9-Union base drums & beaters 2.

CWd12ds- Drum painted - image of Elmer Ellsworth, 1st Union officer killed in the war. Possibly used by the 44th N.Y. Vol.s, The Ellsworth Avengers. Rear view = eagle and motto "Union".

CWd16ds- Regulation infantry eagle drum used by a musician in the 2nd Vermont Volunteers.

CWd17ds- 10th Connecticut Volunteers painted regimental drum csl.

CWd18ds - Painted drum of the 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery.Connecticut Museum of History

CWd19-Trumpet used by Gustave Schurmann Company I 40th New York Volunteers. New York State Collection

CWd20- US Marine Corps drum.

CWd22ds-German silver upright horn by Fiske of Worcester, Mass., Engraved,"1st Division, 2nd Corps".

CWd23ds- Drum presented to a drummer in the 55th Massachusetts Volunteers (United States Colored Troops).

CWu97- Jascket and bugle of Gustave Schurman Co I 40th New York Volunteers nys.

CWd25d-Painted drum of the 90th New York Volunteers with New York state seal. West Point Museum

CWd26d-Early painted New York Volunteer drum circa 1846-61.West Point Museum

CWd27ds-Union drum sticks and brass belt holder

CWd28d-Silver presentation bugle of Florian D. Pitts, Chicago Mercantile Battery

CWd29d- Drum used by the 6th Massachusetts during the Baltimore riot of 1861. Massachusetts State Archives

CWd30ds- Regulation US painted infantry drum carried by Almon Laird, drummer of the 27th Massachusetts when captured at Drewry's Bluff, Virginia 1864

PW118ds- United States Marine Corps painted wooden drum circa 1845-50.

CWd31d- Imported French infantry bugle used by a soldier of the 62nd Pennsylvania Regiment

CWd32d-US Regulation painted infantry drum with wooden sticks , web sling and a wooden fife

CWd33d- Two Union Army fifes, the upper of Maple wood and the lower of black Ebony. Both with brass tips.

CWd34d- Upright bass German silver horn made by D.C. Hall Company for L.D. Field of the 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery Band in 1864.

CWd35d- Drum with painted New York State Arms and "Gettysburg" inscription.

CWd36d- Drum presented to William H Klineyoung by members of Company D 1st Pennsylvania Reserves.

CWd37d- Grouping of various Union drums, horns, fifes and bugles.

Cwd38d -Drum of the 138th Pennsylvania Volunteers with large painted 6th Army Corps badge on the front.

CWd39d- Brass drum presented to Henry Galloway of the 55th Massachusetts Volunteers(a black regiment) on Folly Island, October 1864.

Drum with state seal used by a drummer of the 42nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

CWd41d- Drum of the 37th NY Irish Rifles nys


TCWSU87 - Corcoran's Irish Legion Drummer - 164th New York Volunteers 1864

CWp30ds - Drum Corps of the 27th Massachusetts Volunteers, November 1864

CWp31ds - Drummer Boy 91st Pennslyvania Vols

CWp253-Drummer Gilbert Vangaw 79th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

CWp315d-Young drummer and fifer boys in uniform.

CWp356d- Group of Union musicians

NC88d- Master Allie Turner 4 year old drummerboy at Barnum's museum.

CWp360d- Union drummer sitting on drum.

CWp363d- Union soldier seated holding a fife

CWp364d- New York Excelsior Brigade Fire Zouave Musicians wearing red fireman's shirts.

CWp368d-Union Principal musician with a drum

CWp380d- Tinted Albumen photo of Union Drummer boy wearing an overcoat

CWp381d- Tinted Albumen photo of a drummer of the 22nd New York

CWp384d- The band of the 13th Massachusetts Volunteers, taken in Hagerstown , Maryland during the winter of 1862

CWp385d- Double cased images of union drummers one seated atop Lookout Mountain

CWp386d- Musician Michael Leak of Company E 151st Pennsylvania Volunteers, shot through both eyes at Gettysburg

CWp388d- Musicians of the 25th Maine Volunteers, Arlington Heights ,Virginia, June of 1863

CWp392d- Union Army Band, Western theatre of War

CWp400d- Drummer boy Warren S Skinner, Company A 4th Massachusetts Volunteers. Age 16
CWp404d- A Bucktail musician of the 150th Pennsylvania Volunteers

CWp460d-Drummer Boy Frederick Willer, Company D, 53rd Pennsylvania Volunteers 1865

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