Saturday, September 4, 2010

1800's John Stratton & Son Military Bass Drum

19th Century John Stratton & Son Military Bass Drum

eBay seller horncollector ( 1517), item no. 270625732996, asking $995, described as:

I recently picked up this Bass, but unfortunatly will now have to sell it due to hard financial times.

This "Bird's Eye" maple Stratton bass drum is in excellent condition and ready to be played. It was restored by Cooperman in 2002 and has new Goat skins and rope. The original Stratton label can be seen by peering through the vent hole. This drum measures 28 1/2" high and is 14 1/2" wide. This drum was made between 1889-1895 while John Stratton was in business with his son. It can easily be used with any reenactment band depicting anything from the 1840's California Gold rush era, the Civil War through to the Indian Wars.

Also, see

Note: the Cooperman label lists the repairs/restorations made in 2002. Included is "Ashton Tack Design". The editor will investigate whether that means that the tack design was added in 2002.

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