Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pristine Moeller Drum Donated to Mt. Kisco Fire Department

Jim Ellis of The Cooperman Company mentioned yesterday that he was informed by Bill Stewart of The Mount Kisco Fire Department Ancient Fife & Drum Corps (the "Ancients") of the recent donation by a Florida woman of an original Moeller drum.

"The Ancients are fortunate and very proud to own the largest known complete set of Moeller Drums, consisting of nine snare and three bass. The drums were handcrafted by Gus Moeller specifically for the Ancients, and no two Indian figures are alike. The drums were delivered to the Ancients between 1950-1953 and were recently refurbished in 1990." (

The donated drum is said to be 16"x16" and to be called the Yorktown model (based on the description inside the drum believed to have been handwritten by Gus Moeller). That would be somewhat smaller than the Grand Republic drum used by the Ancients. The donor is believed to have taken lessons from Moeller 60 years ago and to have kept the drum in good storage conditions since that time. Ellis reports that the drum's high gloss finish and signature Moeller painted eagle design are in pristine condition.

Ellis also reported receipt from Stewart of a set of new photos of the Ancients' Moeller drums which we hope to receive and publish on this blog as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the photos in "The Moeller Drums of the Mount Kisco Fire Department Ancient Fife & Drum Corps" will have to suffice.

Cooperman Company's reproduction of a Moeller "Eagle" drum sports an eagle design based on Moeller's eagle.

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