Sunday, October 26, 2008

1st Virginia, Company A

ANONYMOUS wrote recently with the following information apparently from eBay listing 190182995519:

100% original – this was a museum piece!
Still has museum tag and Virginia markings inside drum.

Auction includes Veteran’s affairs paperwork/archive record on drum.

Drum measures 16 inches across and approx 20 inches high.
Has several tack designs as well as "company A 1st Virginia" painted on drum with motif (also with tack design).

Drum is ID’ed to Fredrick Ashburn.
His name is written in period ink on the bottom skin of drum.
Drum is in need of new top skin, but do not remove bottom skin!! (his name is on it!)

You can still see remnants of cotton seed inside of the roping.

A true confederate drum.

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