Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another Kilborn Drum (Albany)

All of a sudden we have a small collection of Kilborn (Kilbourn?) drums. In the preceding article (1864 Tacked Bass Drum) we discuss a possible Kilborn bass drum (based on the tack pattern). And, in May, 2008 we discussed an identified Kilborn (by the label) at Mexican War/Civil War Maple Snare Drum with Tacks. And here we have yet another identified Kilborn.

eBay item no. 140267438258 described by seller jamesdjulia( 1888) as follows:

CIVIL WAR ERA AMERICAN MILITARY DRUM. ... [A] nice 19th century painted military snare drum. This drum measures 16" across x 13" tall. The painted device is approximately 9" round and depicts an American eagle with patriotic shield with 13 stars. Maker's label inside drum reads, "William Kilborn, successor to George Kilborn, 7 Clinton Ave., Albany, New York." According to old article that accompanies drum, William Kilburn's shop was in business between 1864 to 1869. The article goes on to state that the eagle and shield marked it as a National Guard drum from the Civil War period. The iron patented tightening clips are not typical of the Civil War but we believe were patented in 1864. Regardless this is a nice piece of American folkart. CONDITION: Drum is very good overall, as ropes and tighteners are replaced, as are heads and top head has 3" tear. Red painted hoops have lost a majority of their paint. Maple body of drum has numerous scuffs, scrapes and scratches including scrapes and paint reduction to eagle device as can be seen in photographs. 4-35217 JS37 (2,000-4,000)

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