Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nicely Tacked Drum by J.H. Phillips

eBay item no. 260355206037, a nicely tacked oldie with a partial label located in Waterford, CT and offered by pak-itshipping( 82) is described as follows:
Up for auction [with a starting price of $1,800 (it did not sell) was] a Civil War drum in great condition. It does show its age though, both drum heads are the original heads, one head has a small round hole in the middle of it and the other has a slash in it (see pictures). Other than those two things it is superb. There is a label in the drum [that] says "Made at J.H. Phillips Norwich CT" [probably the retailer, not the manufacturer.] The white thing [grommet] around the [vent] hole is intact and could be made of ivory. None of the rivets are missing and are all in good shape for their age. This drum is unrestored [and] measures 16 x 17 in size.

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