Saturday, January 31, 2009

Metal Clad Hoop Drum

The "nib" of a Montblanc fountain pen

Well, this is somewhat unusual -- full metal cladding on both counterhoops. You don't see that every day. Actually, I can't remember ever seeing it.

eBay item no. 320335057972 comes with little description to help us determine its provenance. So, we're going to have to use a little detective approach from what we can see.

The following factors point to late 19th to early 20th century:

a. full length metal screw on the snare mechanism (appears to be a relatively late development in the evolution of snare mechanisms -- facilitates easier tightening when the drum is strapped onto the player);

b. relatively large vent hole reminiscent of the Thompson & O'Dell (Boston) drums of 1872-1905 (see, e.g., "Thompson & Odell Co. Drums", this blog, March 21, 2008);c. visible seam sans tacking;

d. hooks instead of drilled holes (the hooks look similar to those on the turn-of-the-century Thompson & O'Dell drum pictured in that article);

e. wire-wrapped cloth snares (I've seen them on several drums but have not yet been able to put a date range on them);

f. leather ears with fountain pen nib-like connectors (not sure about dating these).

The size is reported to be 16" (diameter) x 10" (height).

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