Monday, May 25, 2009

EBayer powervein( 470) is offering item no. 120423320099, described as follows:

[A] 15" old marching snare drum with cymbal and cymbal arm attaches to wood hoop, chrome over brass which has worn on most of the drum. Brass fist strainer. 8 lugs. Calf heads. Good condition other than the chrome. Seamed shell with rivets. Rigid wire belt hook. Nice drum.

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  1. Does not look like t this drum was originally made for marching. Looks like someone attached an eye hook with a piece of bent wire. The cymbal and attachment looks like a Charlston cymbal that was attached to a bass drum rim and was struck by a beater, that was attached to the foot pedal, when the drum was played.

    Nice drum though.

    Marcel Smith


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