Monday, May 25, 2009

Mid-20th Century Slingerland Single Tension Double-Claw

eBayer dmckinlay( 138) of Bluffton, SC is offering item no. 110391936803 for a starting bid of $195 (get real) described as follows:

This is a very cool old marching snare. Slingerland out of Chicago, IL on badge. From 1948-1950
Pretty good condition. All of the parts are there. Wood hopes.
Also has a very cool "America" insigne on the side.
12" tall and has a 14" shell. It has an old Rogers bottom head and an old Ludwig top head

The item appears here for its comprehensive photo essay of this specimen.

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  1. I recently came across a drum that is very similar to this one, the big differences I see being the badge and the height. I'm very interested in refurbishing this drum and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of where to find another tension rod and a throw off for this drum. Any help at all would be much apprectiated.



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