Monday, May 24, 2010

Civil War Tintype of 8th Maine Drum Corps

Mislabeled "8th Main Drum and Bugle Corps", I believe that this is a drum corps only, no bugles. Also, Note that the print is reversed left to right (drummers wore their drums on their left knee, not the right as shown here). And, there might be one fifer in the front line next to the sergeant.

Appearing in Cowan's auction "2010, American History, Including the Civil War, June 11":

Lot of 2, including half-plate tintype, probably copied from an outdoor albumen showing the full Drum and Bugle Corps of the 8th Maine said to have been taken at the surrender of Gen. Lee at Appomattox. Drummer Weeks appears in the back row, dead center. This panoramic image captures the seven snare and one base drum of the corps together with the Bandmaster-Sergeant and his assistant who wear unusual non-regulation chevrons. The entire group stood for the photograph uniformed in shell jackets trimmed in white, rectangular belt plates, and kepis. All wear the regulation drum sling, except the base drummer. Several young black boys mill in the background, including one who is wearing a kepi and is probably informally attached to the corps. A brick building stands to the left rear while a tree in full bloom provides a canopy of shade suggesting that this could be Virginia in April. Lot also includes glass negative, 3.25 x 3.75 in., and modern silver gelatin print of a drummer boy from the 8th Maine.

Condition: Plate in very good condition with minor bends in corners; once probably framed, with oval mat line evident.

(EST $1000-$1500)

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