Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Pre-Civil war American militia drum, ca 1812-1848 (war of 1812-Mexican war era) with a fantastic stylized folk-style eagle in a red, white, and blue medallion with a black and gold swag border. The body of the drum is red and mustard, sponge-decorated over an earlier Prussian blue. The entire surface of the drum is paint-decorated, which is a substantial plus over other drums where only a panel is painted.

Under this second surface there is evidence of an earlier medallion. The current surface, however, is both exceptional and early, probably repainted for Mexican War (1846-48) or Civil War (1861-65) use. The eagle is one of the best I’ve ever seen on a drum in terms of an early folk interpretation, with a huge eye of exaggerated size, red feathers on a gold ground, a whimsical shield, and eight-pointed stars behind it in the blue sphere.

Condition: Replaced skins, ropes and ears, all of which are expected and acceptable on early drums.

From website of V and M Curate Your Life.
V&M #: 264654
DEALER #: pat-176

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