Saturday, July 23, 2011

George B. Stone Drum

Civil War Style Marching Snare Drum, matching Leather Drum Sling and antique Rosewood drumsticks.

Beautiful Drum with Twenty-four (24) Rope Hooks, 12 Leather Ears, 17” Diameter Drum Heads and
Gut Snares. Original hemp rope. The drum heads are definitely 17" measuring across the heads from inside the rim.

The drum appears to be 100% original.

Gorgeous condition; the drum has a maple drum shell measuring 17” diameter by 12” deep, with original lacquered finish. Drum hoops maple are painted black on the outside and natural stain on the inside.

The famous George B. Stone and Son, Manufacturing Drummers, Boston Mass. metal badge affixed.

Hardware appears to be nickel plated; drum heads are in very good condition, drum plays amazing crisp and loud. Beatiful Rosewood drumsticks are antique, measuring 17-1/8" inches long.

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