Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Post-CW Brass Drum

eBay no. 250325919975 offered by atomic-asis( 248) described as:

This is a Late 1800's Miltary Snare Drum. We've had a few people looks at this and this is what we have been told.
"Hi Mark, I would estimate that your drum was made just after the civil war era. These brass drums with painted rims and solid tension mechanisms are quite commonly found to be of the late 1870 - 1890 period. I hope this is of some help. You might also like to take the drum outside in bright light and look through the small hole in the body. There is often a makers label inside and can often date the drum accurately." -Civil War Preservationist
Another gentleman who is a specialist on vintage drums thought that it was post-civil war due to the fact that there is brass hardware on the drum. He also noted that the snare used fibrous string instead of metal and the heads are calfhide.

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