Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CW Drum Sticks

Veteran collector, musician and expert js580( 464) snagged this imperfectly matched pair of dark wood beauties for $54.02 from eBay seller thecoincave( 673) in the recently closed eBay auction of eBay item no. 150305881335. The sticks were described as "Civil War Drum Sticks" and posted on eBay with the above photos. The seller added this descriptive information:

19th century (Civil War?) drum sticks bought in Gettysburg, PA. in 1993 from the most reputable Civil War memorabilia dealer in Gettysburg...THE HORSE SOLDIER!!

As was typical for the era, the sticks are rosewood, not machine crafted and probably not crafted at the same time as a set. I have no idea who made them or used them...they are exactly matched in length (17.25") and 3/4" girth but one weighs approx. 3 oz. and the other 3.6 oz. and one is darker than the other. They were purchased together and it's quite possible the last drummer to use them, used them as a set. The feel is matched enough that they work together well enough.

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