Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Civil War Horstmann Eagle Drum

eBay seller alexanderautographsinc( 1498) has posted this CW Horstmann for auction at eBay 190262545737 in its November Autograph Auction - Part I; 11/6/2008, 10:00 EST as Lot 139: CIVIL WAR ERA EAGLE INFANTRY DRUM described as follows:

A Civil War-era drum with emblazoned eagle and Union shield adorning the shell which appears to be made of maple, 17" diameter, also bearing metal tack design, red and white painted trim and a peep hole within. Manufactured by "Wm. H. Horstmann & Son, Military Furnishers, 51 N. 3rd St., Philadelphia". Appears to be re-strung, bottom skin tattered, top skin intact. A great relic for display. This drum is attributed to drummer Nelson R. Masters of the 67th Ohio Vols. who mustered-in on July 8, 1862 and served until June 21, 1865. He was wounded in action at Petersburg on April 4, 1865. Sold with Master's records.

The auctioneer estimates a sale price in the $3,000 to $4,000 range plus a 22.5% buyer's premium.

Alexander Autographs
860 Canal St.
2nd Floor
Stamford CT, 06902
Location Tel : 203.276.1570
Location Fax : 203 504 6290

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