Thursday, November 13, 2008

Magnificent 14th Infantry Regulation Eagle Drum

eBay seller heritageauctionsinc( 66) is auctioning this magnificent 14th Infantry regulation eagle drum (eBay no. 260311305856) from its catalog "2008 NOV Signature Civil War Auction #6015":

Regulation Civil War Eagle Drum of the 14th United States Infantry. The 14th was constantly engaged with the Army of the Potomac from 2d Bull Run to Weldon Railroad. At Gettysburg, primarily on July 2, the regiment suffered casualties of 141 men killed and wounded. The drum is regulation in every detail, 16" high, 16" diameter. The paint decoration exhibits brilliant colors with eagle and shield surmounted by sunburst stars and clouds and "14th Regt. U. S. Infantry" in the riband. Brass tack decoration around the air hole with original paper label of "J. F. M. Joerdens Manufacturer of Military drums of all kinds, No. 51 Maiden Lane, New York." Hoops retain about 90% of the original red paint and drum overall retains about 80% of what appears to be the original varnish. Heads, snare, rope and tighteners, which are marked "Alers" all appear to be original. There is a very old line crack that runs 2/3 of the way around the drum but barely touches the paint decoration, with no loss and detracts little, the drum being perfectly sound. A rare and historically important Civil War regular US Army drum.

Estimate: US $9,000.00 - US $11,000.00

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